Quality Management

Quality Management Unit Work Principles

  1. To Ensure the Coordination of Health Practices within the Established Quality Standards.
  2. To guide, monitor, and assess the enforcement of quality standards regarding health.
  3. To analyze the results of the department with respect to departments’ goals.
  4. To follow-up all of the patient security and employee security studies by attending all of the committee meetings (Employee Health and safety, patient security, training and facility security committees) designated by the quality standards in health.
  5. Doing the management, control-follow up, and conclusion of the Security Reporting System (National GRS system of Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health) form notifications.
  6. To ensure the continuation of the studies regarding quality standards of Health along with the department quality supervisors, who are deemed appropriate to work for their department and are appointed by the hospital manager.
  7. To organize training and follow up, adequate for the quality standards of Health.
  8. To organize and constitute training in order to deal with subjects regarding the failure to provide appropriate service production when necessary.
  9. To pioneer all written arrangements regarding our hospital within the quality standards of health by; doing the essential follow up-control, and management work and when needed, to revise and propose the written arrangements to the management.
  10. To coordinate with the other units in the hospital, and to ensure they are doing their responsibilities. By supporting each other, improving the system regularly.
  11. Management of Corrective and Preventive Activities, and to track control-follow up and conclusion procedures.
  12. To plan, coordinate, assess, and reporting of the self-assessment to higher management in order to follow arrangements made in order to ensure quality standards in health.
  13. Following the color code applications (Blue-Pink-White-Red) regularly, conducting periodic personnel training, and starting necessary corrective and preventive actions.
  14. To conduct, analyze and report patient/companion satisfaction forms (each month) and employee satisfaction forms (twice a year).
  15. Conducting controls at the various points of the service flow.
  16. Keeping the required records of the controls and archiving them. Forwarding the reports to corresponding places.
  17. To announce committee meetings, date, time, and memo at least 3 days before to the attendees through internal correspondence form.
  18. To track the meeting minutes, written at the end of committee meetings.
  19. Recording and informing of the actions regarding the management system.
  20. To obey procedure, instructions, legal and other conditions regarding management systems.




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