Quality Standards

Our quality policy is “Aiming to provide Healthcare Services in sterile environments, taking patient health as the number one priority, ensuring patient satisfaction by providing them with high quality service interactions, and make; efficiency, continuous improvement, constant development, and being open to new enhancements one of our top principles with conscious effort from all of our employees”.

Our Slogans

  • Healthy and High Quality Service Standards
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Being Open to New Technological Developments
  • Constant Improvement

Our Vision
Our hospitals’ goal is to become an establishment that, provides excellent patient satisfaction through extreme Healthcare quality standards and is constantly preferred and referenced by the society it serves.
Our Mission
To keep up with the most advanced and up to date technological improvements and devices. To ensure maximum quality by underlining key concepts such as; ethical behavior, quality standards, and internal service personnel training. Assuring patient satisfaction by providing Healthcare service in a secure and trustworthy environment.



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