About Us

240px_ankara_binaKudret Göz Ankara was established on May 13, 2002, at Kennedy Street, No:71 Kavaklıdere/ANKARA. Being the first hospital of our healthcare group, Kudret Göz Ankara serves its precious patients with; 23 Single Patient Rooms, 4 Operating Theaters, 15 Medical Doctor Rooms, and 5 Examination Rooms.

Kudret Göz İstanbul, being the second hospital of our healthcare group, was established on October 12, 2005, at Sarayardı Street, No:3, Kadıköy/İstanbul. It features; 3 operating theaters, 22 single patient rooms, 10 Examination Rooms and 10 Medical Doctor Rooms.

Examination Rooms
exam01Patient information is uploaded to the main computer frame through the computers in all of the examination, diagnosis and treatment rooms. Through this central network, a patient file is formed and all of the documents of the patient are saved.

Therefore, this not only eliminates the risk of losing important documents, but also makes it easier to find previous patient information.

The patients are taken in for the examination after their optic evaluation, through the device called Autorefractometer, and eye pressure, through the device called Non-Contact Air-Puff Tonometer.

If a high degree of visual problems/illnesses is detected through the examination, patients are forwarded to the higher departments.

Operating Theater
240px_ameliyathane03All of the operating theater is being cooled and filtered through the air conditioning unit. Along with the 3 surgical operation theaters, there is also an Excimer Laser – Lasik application room, totaling 4 operating rooms.

All operation theatres are preserved 24/7 in a sterile condition. All four rooms are provided with oxygen, nitrogen pressured air, vacuum, and electricity through the pendants in the ceiling.


Patient Rooms
240px_hastaodalari01All of our rooms are equipped with a central medical gas system, a nurse call system, patient bed, convertible sofa for companions, TV, mini bar, telephone, Air Conditioner, shower and WC.
Our health personnel are always present at the service desk on the floors with patient rooms.



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