Patient Responsibilities

Recently, along with the concept of patient rights, patient responsibilities has also emerged, however content and extend of this concept has not been clearly stated, yet it can be stated as the needs and responsibilities a patient has to fulfill before and after applying to a health organization. It is possible to list the responsibilities of the patient as follows:

General Responsibilities

  • Individuals should do their best in taking care of their health and follow the recommendations for a healthy life.
  • Individual can donate blood or organs if it is suitable.
  • Under basic circumstances, individuals should take care of their personal hygiene.

Social Security Conditions

  • Patient has to report the change in their health, social security and personal information on time.
  • Patient has to do the visa of their health report (Bağ-Kur, Green Card, etc.) on time.

Informing Health Employees

  • Patient has to report their complaints, previous diseases, whether or not they have received inpatient treatment, if any, medications they are using and all of the information regarding their health completely.

Obeying Hospital Rules

  • Patient has to obey the rules and applications of the health organization in which he applied for.
  • Patient has to obey the referral chain, chosen by the Ministry of Health or other Social Security Institutions.
  • Patient is expected to be cooperative with the health employees throughout their treatment, accommodation and rehabilitation.
  • If the patient is applying for a health organization that runs on reservations, they have to follow the date and time of the reservation and in case of changes, inform the relevant unit.
  • Patient has to respect the rights of hospital personnel, other employees, and companions.
  • If the patient damages any equipment or material of the hospital, they have to cover the cost of the damage.

Following Suggestions Regarding Their Treatment

  • Patient has to follow the suggestions and recommendations regarding their treatment and medication carefully and ask if they have any questions that they do not understand.
  • If the patient cannot follow the suggestions based on their treatment, they have to inform the related health employee.
  • After health care and discharge, the patient has to state whether or not they have understood the aftercare procedures.
  • Patient is responsible for the arising outcomes if they choose to deny treatment or not follow suggestions.



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