Patient Rights

  • The patient should be informed on how to benefit from medical services.
  • The patient will be diagnosed according to the procedures in modern technology, and their treatment and care will be taken under in line with the patients’ request.
  • Personnel will show the appropriate medical care regarding the patients’ condition.
  • The patient will be informed about; their health condition, medical procedures that might be used, the benefits and possible hazards of these medical procedures, likely complications that might occur in case of refusing treatment, the progression of the disease/illness, and outcomes.
  • Patients privacy will be respected, and;
    a) Medical evaluation based on patients health condition will be carried out with privacy.
    b) Procedures like examination, diagnosis, treatment and ones that require direct contact with the patient will be conducted in a private environment.
    c) If medically appropriate, the patient is allowed to have a companion with them.
    d) If not required, the patients’ private and family life will not be intervened.
  • Information obtained through the provided health services, will not be published except when is legally allowed by the law.
  • Patients can either directly or by their legal proxy, examine/obtain a copy of their recordings and information in their file. After ID of the patients has been confirmed on the documents, the copy of the said file can be given in electronic form, CD form, or DVD form.
  • Patients file can also be provided by a printed out copy from the electronic form and the paper documents can be provided as a copy.
  • If there is any missing documents/description flaws or patient demands additional clarification on their file, the file will be reviewed by the head physician and the necessary explanation will be made.
  • All medical information regarding the patient will be explained to the patient or their companion by the Medical Doctor or the accommodating nurse.
  • Excluding legal affairs, patient can demand their family or themselves not to be informed about their health condition. Patients’ wish will be respected by our professional team.
  • If the patient believes the information that will be given regarding their health condition is going to affect them, they can request not to receive any information on their or their families’ behalf, on that matter. This will be recorded on the patient briefing form.
  • Consent of the patient will be taken, if the patient is a minor or unable to act on their behalf, consent will be requested from their parent or guardian. This condition will not be looked for if; their parent or guardian is not available, or the patient is not able to express themself.
  • As long as the patient takes responsibility of the negative complications that might occur; they can deny treatment that will be applied or is being applied, or request it to be halted. Actions will be carried out in accordance with the patients will.
  • Necessary security precautions will be taken in order to ensure the safety of patients, their relatives and companions.
  • Under the hospitals capabilities, religious needs of the patients will be met and appropriate place will be designated. Patients who wish to fulfill their religious practices will be forwarded to this place.
  • Patients will be provided with health services in accordance with their character values and principles.
  • All of our professional team is obliged to treat patients, their relatives and companions in a sincere, gentle and kind way.
  • In every step of the medical service, patients’ physical and mental condition will be assessed, and patients will be informed about why and how each procedure is conducted or is going to take place. If a postponement is in question, the causes of the postponement should be relayed to the patient.
  • All types of hygienic conditions will be met; the noise and disturbing factors will be kept at a minimum in accordance with health standards.



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