Retinal Examination

How is retinal examination conducted?

The patients followed up in the retina department shall allocate at least half an hour per day for examination. While a part of this duration is spend for examination, the larger part is reserved for waiting the pupil to enlarge by drop – eye. For certain patients more time is needed to have the pupil enlarged properly. This duration may extend when diagnostic tests ( like ultrasonography, fundus angiography, retina thickness analyzer) are required in addition to the retinal examination. In short, the examination in the retina department is a type of examination that may continue a little longer than expected. Patience is needed for a healthier result.

Some part of retinal diseases require emergency treatment. In cases where there is a sudden change in the course of retinal disease you do not need to reserve an appointment. For your eye health, you shall come to the hospital as soon as possible.

The procedure followed during the examination in retina department;

  • Assessment of visual acuity
  • Frontal segment examination in biomicroscope
  • Eye pressure
  • application of eye – drop and waiting for the pupil to extend.
  • Retinal examination
  • During the retinal examination you will feel too intensive ray beam. Your patience, tolerance and communication with the doctor will facilitate the examination and will provide a better assessment.

The patient group that is most frequently followed in this department:

  • Diabetic retinopathy, maculapathy
  • Retinal decollement
  • Cataract surgery complication
  • Eye traumas
  • Macular hole (the hole in the visual cortex)
  • Makular degeneration
  • vascular diseases of the retina; retinal vein – arterial embolisms
  • The retina department of Kudret Eye Hospital has a broad medical staff and patient audience. The most advanced and recently implimented surgical methods and technology are combined in the retina department.


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