Color Blindness

Color blindness, characterized as this dysfunction of being able to distinguish different colors, is mostly seen in males.

The most common type is the Red-Green color blindness; however not only color blinds, but also many people struggle to distinguish these colors in the dark. Some color blinds cannot distinguish Blue-Yellow colors. There are some quite rare instances called “monochromatism”, in which all colors might be indistinguishable and the vision is totally black and white.

Color blindness is hereditary, but it can also develop later due to the causes mentioned below:

· Macular Degeneration

· Optical Neuritis and Stroke

· Head Traumas

· Systemic Diseases that cause Nerve Degenerations

· Heavy Metal Poisoning

· Glaucoma

· Some medications

Color Blindness Treatment
There is no cure for color blindness with medication or surgery; however there are some special lens and glasses that can provide a normal vision adaptation.


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