What is Intacs?
INTACS, that is corneal rings, is a treatment method recently developped for the treatment of keratoconus patients. 2 little semicircularly formed transparent pieces are implanted in the cornea. The procedure is both completed in very short time and no complication is expected during the procedure since these little rings are implanted in the eye through tunnels drived by implementing intralase – laser method. These rings are invisible to eye and most importantly, their presence cannot be felt like contact lenses. These rings, which can be removed easily on demand, are not placed in the visual cortex and thus does not make permenant marks which may affect the sight. These rings has various types with different thicknesses. They are implanted pursuant to the degree of advancement of keratoconus disease. The main objective of implanting rings in the cornea is to shift the central section of the cornea to the normal anatomical position. By this treatment, the strenght of sight without glasses is increased in the keratoconus patients and thus the diopter value of the glasses will decrease.

How the Intacs implemented?
20 % of keratoconus patients go through cornea transplantation. The Corneal transplantation is the operation where 7 – 9 mm part in the center of cornea is replaced. Corneal transplantation is an inevitable end for keratoconus patients who applied in the later stages of the disease and even if the success rate or this operation is stated as 95 % , it includes certain complications even they occur very rarely. Compering with keratoplasty, the INTACS treatment is safer and risk free.

INTACS is implemented in 2 phases

  1. Openning tunnels with Intralase (LASER) (15 sec.)
  2. Implantation of rings (max: 5 min.)
  3. No limitation to daily life is reqested in postoperative period. The post operation period followed only with use of eye drops for afew weeks.


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