Advanced CustomVue LASIK (iDesign Wavefront)

What is Custom Lasik?

CustomLASIK is the most advanced technique in terms of implementing a custom laser treatment for the individual and in terms of providing the best custom vision. The advanced wavefront devices conducts very detailed measurements and calculates the aberrances. It analyzes these datas and directly transfers them to the excimer laser device. The data obtained from the Wavefront analyzer controls all of the laser flow of the excimer device. To say, the use of laser is completely guided by the wavefront device. For guidence and application, the most advanced wavefront analyzer of the world, the VASCA analyzer is used in our hospital. This analyzer is the most advanced model produced by Carll Zeiss Meditech. Carl Zeiss Meditec is the most experienced company working on the customLASIK and wavefront – accompanied laser treatment market.

CustomLASIK is the sole treatment method that has a potential of providing more clear vision than the use of glasses or contact lenses. Wavefront analyzer conducts a very detailed measurement of the eye and detects the aberrrances in nearly all points of the eye ball. One can say that the analyzer produces a very detailed map of the eye ball. Wavefront measurements are 25 times more sensitive then the standard measurements. Additionally all irregulations that are not detected or treated yet will be detected.

  • What are the Benefits of Custom Lasik?
  • Offers a higher potential to obtain 100/100 vision.
  • Offers a chance of a vision better than 100/100.
  • With regards to Strandard LASIK method, nearly no affection occurs in contrast adjustment.
  • Has more quality night vision then strandard LASIK.
  • The night vision is much more clear then glasses and contact lenses.

It provides the potential of a higher quality vision in terms of visual quality and acuity than contact lenses and glasses. WASCA wavefront analyzer has the abilty to detect each abberrations within the visual system. Glasses and contact lenses and standard LASIK, on the other hand, can only fix the lower abberrations of the eye. CustomLASIK can fix both the lower and the higher abberrations of the eye. For this reason, customLASIK is the only method that has a potential to offer better vision then glasses and contact lenses.

How Well Will I See At Night After The Implementation of CustomLASIK?

Numerous studies have proven that the majority of the patients identified their night visions as better and much better after the implementation of customLASIK. A very small part of the patients have experienced night problems. The ratio of such patients is lesser then the ratio recorded in classical LASIK implented patients. As a result, it can be stated that the night vision after the implementation of customLASIK is much better then the night vision provided by glasses or contact lenses.


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