What is Crosslinking treatment ?

The only method of keratoconus treatment which is implemented without directly contacting the eye but only by exposing rays to the eye is the crosslinking treatment. After dripping a special eye drop to the cornea layer of keratoconus patients which is weak and the frontward convexity of which is increased, the eye is exposed to UV – A ray for about half an hour. The cornea layer is strengthened by this therapy. In patients who applied with the complaint of an increase in the degree of spectacle lenses, it is expected that the increase shall stop and that the current degree of the eye deficite shall decrease.

Can Crosslinking treatment be implemented with Intacs or cornea transplantation ?

The answer is yes. The Crosslinking treatment can be implemented before or after the Intacs treatment and after the cornea transplantation. This treatmant method shall not be accepted as an individual surgical operation. For, this procedure is not implemented with penetrating the eye interval but by only exposing ray.

Is Crosslinking treatment is safe?

One of the obligatory requirements of this procedure is the existance of proper thickness of cornea layer. Also, the eye – drop named riboflavin is dropped to the eye before the procedure and by diffusing in the eye, this drop prevents possible damages.


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