About Us

240px_ankara_binaKudret Eye – Ankara,opened into service at the date 13th May 2002, on its address in Kennedy Street No: 71 Kavaklıdere / ANKARA. As the first hospital of our Group, Kudret Eye Hospital – ANKARA is established on a 4500 m2 closed area and bears ISO 9001 TÜV certificate. Kudret Eye Hospital – Ankara prouds to serve you with its 36 single patient rooms, 4 operating theatres equipped with the most advanced technology – product devices and an intense care unit with most advanced equipment and with its more than 200 employees. Having agreements with all Civil Servants and Government Retirement Fund – registered pensioners at first and later on signing contracts with Social Security Institution and Social Security Organization for Artisans and Self – Employed, our organization serves members of all types of Social Security Authorities.

Our Center which has 600 out patient examination and 200 eye operation capacity per day, conducted more than 300.000 examinations and 50.000 operations up to date which constitues a record in its field. Up to date, within the scope of social utility activities, 2500 children with mental disablities were examined and 22 handicapped were operated free of charge. As Kudret Eye Group, we have started to eye healthcare screenings in primary schools in the year 2003 and conducted numerous screenings in various primary schools in Ankara area. After these screenings in Ankara City Center and its Districts, we have collaborated with province and district municipalities and screened 500.000 people within the scope of these collaborations.

Examination Rooms

exam01The patient data are uploaded in the computers placed in examination – out patient and treatment rooms and in the main central computer. Thanks this central network, a file is opened for all patients and all of the documents of the patient are entered into this file. The fact that the majority of our devices are digital, allows data to be automatically transferred to the files.

In this way, the risk of file loss due to any reason is zeroised and the collection of data to be used in scientific researches is facilitated. In the Kudret Eye Hospital, which uses the most advanced technology in the examination and treatment of eye diseases, our patients are examined in a clean, calm and safe environment and they have a chance of benefiting from all the treatment method provided by the medicine and technology.
Prior to be examined by relevant medical doctors, the pre-measurements of our patients are held by our experienced team. The patients are taken to the examination after their eyes measurements are made with the device named autorefractometer and their eye pressure is measured with air – puf tonometer which is a technique that do not contact with eye.

Thanks to the units and devices in the examination rooms, which are the products of most advanced technology, the first steps to the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of eye diseases are made. Among the patients which received the all types of eye examination procedures in the best way, those with advanced level of eye diseases are directed to the related upper branches present at the hospital.

Operating Theatre

240px_ameliyathane03The whole body of operating theatre is continuously ventilated through the filtred air conditioner. There are three highly equipped rooms in the operating theatre in which all types of eye operations can be held. There is also one Excimer Laser – Lasik application room.

All operation rooms are equipped with modern devices and preserved as sterile for 24 hours. In each room, oxygen, nitrogen pressurized air, vacuum and electricity is provided through pentanes pending from the ceiling.

In order to prevent the transfer difficulty of patients from stretcher to operating table, special operating tables which can be used as both stretcher and operating table, especially designed for eye surgery are used. Whole floor of operating theatre is covered with anti – static material and all of the walls are furnished with microbe – resistant special materials.

Patients’ Room

240px_hastaodalari01A five star hotel – comfort is provided in our patient rooms. All of our rooms are furnished with a central medical gas system, a nurse call system, an automatic remote – controlled bed adjustable to pozition for maximum comfort of the patient, a compact bed for attendant, seat, tv, mini bar, telephone, air conditioner, shower and wc.

Our medical personnel is always present behind the service desks. Service desks are located in each in patient floor to facilitate the access.



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