Cataract Treatment

What is Cataract?

Cataract is the most common eye problem. In a healthy eye, the lens is completely transperent, allowing rays to directly arrive in retina. In a healthy eye the image would be sharp and net. Cataract is the opacification or fogging of the lens which hinders the sight.

Because of the fact that not many rays can arrive in the eye, this situation causes a certain level of loss in the sight. The resolution and color of objects cannot be seen just like when you look through a dirts glass.

The opacification of lens in the eye is a continuing process.

What are the indications of cataract?

  • A slow decrease in the sight
  • Sensibility against the light, glare
  • Double vision
  • Reading difficulty
  • Subsequent myopia
  • Opaquenes and blanch of colors.

How it is treated?

The treatment of cataract is only possible by means of surgical operation. With the development of modern techniques, the cataract surgery can be held without injection, without narcosis and even without staying in hospital. With surgery, the old eye lens which has lost its transperancy is removed and an artificial eye lens (Intraocular Lens – IOL) is placed.

When the operation is needed?